Sustainability is integral to KOPINDO corporate mission. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and developing comprehensive solutions to help customers reduce theirs. KOPINDO unique logistics,distribution and packaging design expertise sets it apart from competitors.

Measurements are critical to a successful sustainability program. Although many supply chain managers focus primarily on fiber reduction objectives, KOPINDO sustainability program goes far beyond counting trees. With our reach into freight forwarding and supply chain management, we are equally as concerned with evaluating the total global impact of the supply chain including such things as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and particulate 10 matter that challenge our environment.

How You Can Improve Your Own Sustainability

KOPINDO can show you how to improve your net environmental impact by evaluating your supply chain in light of solutions we’ve developed and delivered over the last several years. Engage KOPINDO to:

1.Benchmark your global transportation and packaging programs
2.Maximize cube utilization, storage capacity and container efficiencies
3.Source recycled content
4.Increase packaging strength while reducing total packaging weight
5.Minimize transportation miles
6.Reduce fuel and water consumption

KOPINDO goal is to minimize your costs and maximize your efficiency while at the same time reducing your global environmental footprint.