KOPINDO is a leading provider of packaging solutions various industries throughout the country since 2018. This multi-faceted approach continues to feed our innovation, resulting in well-designed, robust, and long-lasting products.

Free to mix and match from among our comprehensive Packaging and logistics services, our clients are able to select the optimal combination for their unique business needs.

Not only do we have a consistent track record for helping clients cut overall costs, we also differentiate our business with a “Strive for More” philosophy of boldly tackling even the toughest challenges with divergent thinking. Our innovative approach, superb
service, and expertise in Packaging and logistics management have earned us a well-deserved reputation for improving our clients’ competitive position.

We understand business sees uncertainties due to changes in sales and market cycle. We provide flexible options for your changing business needs. With modern technologies, years of experience and efficient pick and pack and case-pick processes, our technical experts create more efficient distribution processes for your company.In all cases, our customer is at the center of everything we do — from initial situation analysis to the continuous improvement programs that help deliver better result every day.

Partnerships are defined by the people involved, and ours are exceptional. Our associates understand the big picture and embrace their role in it. What separates KOPINDO associates from our peers is the ability to focus on work while contemplating what’s next.

KOPINDO is home to the best minds in the logistics management business. We arm them with processes that keep projects on track, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. The result: the constant pursuit of greater efficiencies, exceptional service,
and new ideas.