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KOPINDO brings the same uncompromising, cost-effective standards of quality and safety to each and every job. Utilizing a wide
range of technologies, trained technicians manage heat treating flow and temperature requirements with pinpoint precision. From
small complex fittings to massive pressure vessels and turbines.

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During the cooperation with PT Kopindo a professional and advanced then we are very helpful and thank you..

PT Bredero Shaw

KOPINDO is a leading provider of Pre and Post packaging solutions to various industries in Indonesia has long resonated.


PT Kopindo has knowledge of local markets, orientations to our business issues, and relationships and languages, using a friendly approach and combined with professional services. Consultation before the project is run – can avoid so many unnecessary jobs “foreigners” is a bad picture of the Indonesian legislature .. “

Mc Connell Dowell

We see great added value in starting a fast business in Indonesia, managing on a regular basis, therefore we can focus more on our core business….


Here with we would like to express our appreciation to PT. kopindo and their team for all support on medical device services so far. We would like to thank this opportunity for PT. kopindo who has taken the time to listen to our needs

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